Goal 1: Professional, Capable, Multi-disciplinary Teams

  • Establish Provincial Practices Work Teams to guide work on guiding practice principles for CYACs. Priority areas include:
    • Interviewing of children and youth
    • Case management
    • Training
  • Evaluate the impact of CYACs in British Columbia
    • Develop provincial data collection tools for evaluation of CYAC services
    • Use data to continuously improve quality and reach of services

In 2019, 715+ child and youth victims of crime were served by a CYAC in BC.

Goal 2: Engaged Federal, Provincial and Local Stakeholders

  • Establish Intra-Governmental & Policing Sector Advisory Committee
    • Focus areas include relationship building and sustainability and oversight of the developing practice principles
  • Establish Communication and Engagement Sub-Committee to:
    • Lead work on the development and implementation of an internal and external communication plan
    • Undertake a public awareness campaign aligned with Child Abuse Prevention Week
  • Ensure connection to the National CYAC Network through participation in national sub-committees and meetings

Over 100 professionals responding to child abuse across BC work as part of a CYAC team.

Goal 3: A Strong, Effective, Inclusive Provincial Network of CYACs

  • Engage all members of each CYAC multi-disciplinary team through regular communication
  • Promote knowledge exchange opportunities and sharing of resources through the development and launch of a shared resource portal
  • Support communities with in-development and emerging CYAC committees
  • Identify emerging needs and future focus areas for the BC Network of CYACs
  • Establish a sustainability plan for the network past 2021

We believe every child in BC should have access to a CYAC approach when a crime is reported.