The CYAC Model

Child and Youth Advocacy Centres (CYACs) are collaborative services designed to provide a coordinated response to child abuse and crimes against children and youth.

Children and youth are supported to share their story with specially trained police and social workers while being supported by victim services professionals.

CYACs connect children, youth and their families to services designed to meet their unique needs, and assist them to navigate any system they may encounter such as medical, criminal justice, and child protection.

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Types of Services CYACs Provide

Forensic Child Interviews

Safety Planning

Victim Support

Integrated Service Approach

Advocacy for Children

Trauma Therapy

Court Prep & Accompaniment

Support Referrals

Health Support

The CYAC Difference

Before CYACs

After CYACs

Long Term Health & Development Outcomes with a CYAC Approach

  • Improved physical health outcomes
  • Improved mental health outcomes
  • More positive social outcomes
  • Improved educational outcomes
  • Improved economic well-being and self-sufficiency

Service Delivery Improvements with a CYAC Approach

  • Improved effectiveness and quality of service delivery in responding to child abuse cases
  • Professionals experienced increased support for their work within their multi-disciplinary teams and less burn out
  • Child and youth victims of crime are connected to enhanced victims service support including advocacy and navigation leading to a more positive view of the criminal justice system
  • Reduced long-term impacts and costs of child abuse for children, families, and communities